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Oman Visas

General Information on visas

Visas are required (except for GCC Nationals) upon entry and can be obtained from any Omani Embassy or Consulate abroad. Alternatively, visas can be obtained upon arrival at Muscat International Airport for most Europe and American Nationals.

Visa on Arrival List

Countries - List A:

European Countries

Andorra Czech Rep Greece Liechtenstein Monaco San Marino Turkey
Austria Denmark Hungary Lithuania Netherlands Slovakia United Kingdom
Belgium Estonia Iceland Luxembourg Norway Slovenia Vatican
Bulgaria Finland Italy Macedonia Poland Spain  
Croatia France Ireland Malta Portugal Sweden  
Cyprus Germany Latvia Moldova Romania Switzerland  

Central & South American Countries

Argentina French Guiana
Bolivia Paraguay
Brazil Suriname
Chile Uruguay
Colombia Venezuela

Other Countries

Australia Lebanon South Korea
Brunei Dar al-Salam Malaysia Taiwan
Canada New Zealand Thailand
Hong Kong Seychelles United States of America
Indonesia Singapore  
Japan South Africa  

All information regarding visas to Oman is courtesy of the Royal Oman Police website and is subject to change. Khimji’s House of Travel cannot be held accountable for the correctness of this information.

Entry Visa for Foreigners Residing in the G.C.C. Countries

This is issued to residents of any GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) Countries. Passengers must arrive directly from any GCC county. Restrictions apply to non-degree related professions (e.g. labourers, carpenters). Visa is also granted to members of their families as long as they enter together.

Additional Information

  • All visitors must hold onward or return air tickets
  • No Israeli visa stamp on the passport
  • Minimum 06 months validity of passport or national ID (if applicable)
  • Visa Processing time is 14 working days